A tonal approach to saxophone multiphonics

The Hidden notes has grown out of a fascination with saxophone multiphonics and overtone patterns. Through the use of special fingerings and blowing techniques it is possible to produce several notes simultaneously extended the sound world of the saxophone from a monophonic to a Polyphonic instrument. After studying the main publications on saxophone multiphonics I soon realised that I would need create my own system if I wanted to be able to use these sounds in a tonal context. Current publications generally present all the note combinations that the author could find but do not attempt to refine the tuning of these fingerings and note combinations for use in a tonal context.

My book will give saxophonists and composer’s  access to hundreds of tried and tested multiphonic note combinations, which have been refined and fine-tuned for use in a tonal context. To the best of my knowledge this will be the first publication, dedicated to a tonal approach to saxophone multiphonics. My work extends the scope of the saxophone for future generations but also has exciting implications for other woodwind instruments.

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